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    André Gomes

I work with video since 2008. I started by editing,
creating CGs and another animations for television programs. In 2010 I
started working with advertising: post-producing and animating
commercials. As a freelancer I worked a lot for the fashion and surf
industry and I like to work with this industries because I'm free to
develop my ideas.
Today I'm more on the post production and Motion design but have worked with conception, directing, shooting as well.
Softwares: Adobe Collect, Final Cut, C4D, REDCINE, Dragonframe, Davince.
Email • [email protected]
Number • +55 11 9682 96562

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André Leite
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You no longer need to refrain from buying to save up money!

Introducing Netbrit, a worldwide network that will give you back a part of your money on each purchase. It’s fast, easy, 100% honourable and better yet, free.

The explainer video is a very strong tool for apps and the Netbrit guys realized it, then they invited me to lead the project. I accepted it quickly because I love participating in projects from the very beginning.

Direction and animation: André Leite
Storyboard: André Leite
Illustration: João Turvo
Sound: André Leite
Copywriter: Daniel Felix
Account: Agata Silveira
Client: Netbrit

I hope you like it and please leave your opinion in the comments. Thanks for watching.
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