NBC "Thursdays" Promo

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Iron Claw is an Emmy Award winning full-service production company in Los Angeles that specializes in integrating design and visual effects with live-action photography. We make television commercials, network promos, television VFX, video game trailers, as well as interactive marketing content and environmental/experience design projects. Iron Claw handles all aspects of production - from shooting and editorial to animation/VFX and finishing - all under one roof. Our goal is to provide best-of-class creative services for all media, today and tomorrow.

Iron Claw worked with NBC to composite actors shot in LA & NY, making all appear to exist in the same room. Dave Dore of NBC directed this techno-jib driven “frozen moment” shot that gets revealed as a stunt by the end of the promo. The actors ad libbed a lot of the dialogue and had the crew doubled over laughing. Back at Iron Claw HQ, we removed wires and rigs, added VFX elements such as food and silverware, and composited all of the plates together in Flame. Additionally, we did beauty work on all of the actors.

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