Narzissmus Opening Credits

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We are a young design agency from munich - germany. Side by side with our clients, we create emotion for a global audience. We do for example animated infographics, abstract explanatory, movie intros, title & credit sequences, game cutscenes, on air design, story based image films, commercials, stage animations for events and fairs and corporate design. For you it’s straightforward. You get everything from one source. Our services cover a wide range, starting from professional consulting to scripting, storyboards, moodboards and style frames all the way to the final project, as well as continuing support. If you have further needs and wishes, we can fall back on our large network of long time colleagues, that includes directors, composers, foley artists, native speakers, highly specialist designer, programmers and camera artists. So give us a call and let your vision become our common vision!
The opening credits for the documentary about narcissism with the title "Mensch, bin ich toll" (shown here with the working title).

Design & Animation: Weltenwandler Design
Production Company: INTER/AKTION (http://www.interaktion.com/)
DOP: Rainer Hartmann (http://www.digitalcinematography.de/?go=0002)
Music: Sebastian Fillenberg (http://www.sebastianfillenberg.com)
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