Naga + Flagship Video

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    Ranger & Fox
Futuristic, optimistic, and a whole lot of pop culture references. That was the essence of the brief and we took an immense amount of joy creating this piece for Naga. Each product and service offered by Naga is visually represented by a city and when combined reveals a vibrant, complex and interconnected world showcasing Naga's vast offerings. With a collaborative and open mindset from the team at Naga, we set out to make fintech look cinematic, epic and approachable. It’s not every project that has this many pop culture references, and while they are hidden or obscured, they become super obvious once you know of them. we’d like to give a big shout-out to Iwan for the constant encouragement and excitement for the project, it was one of those projects that had everyone smiling all the way through.


Creative + Design + Production
Ranger & Fox

Lance Ashton Slaton

3d Modeling
Rich Nosworthy, Patrick Goski

Blake Fawley, Oscar Mar

Blake Fawley, Patrick Goski

Music + SFX
Echo Lab

Special thanks to
Terkel Gjervig, Merk Vilson
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