MTV - VideoLove - Fight Open

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InlandStudio was founded in 2012, when Javier Bernales, Gonzalo Nogues and Julian Nuñez, after several years of expertise in animation studios, had the need to create a place to develop your passion for design and animation.Also, we've the collaboration of different artists that give us point of views and looks to expand and break our own horizons in order to enrich our project.Each project represents for us an excuse to create new universes. Where we commit ourselves, not only from the artistic and visual field, but also deepen the communication search. Every piece contains a message, and should be able to show an practical and creative way. This is our focus with every job.
Finally we debuted with our friends from MTV, who came to us with this fun project, for which we created two proposals based on communication through social networks. "VIDEO LOVE" is a show that seeks interaction between the screen and the audience. We found fun to play among the humanization of emoticons and "emoticonizacion" human. An easy to read aesthetic seeks to open the super accessible and dynamic social networking door.
Finalmente debutamos con nuestros amigos de MTV, quienes nos presentaron este divertido proyecto, para el cual creamos 2 propuestas basadas en la comunicación a través de las redes sociales. "VIDEO LOVE" es un show que busca la interacción entre la pantalla y el público. De esta forma nos pareció divertido jugar entre la humanización de los emoticones y la "emoticonización" de los humanos. Una estética de fácil lectura y rápida incorporación busca abrir la puerta súper accesible y dinámica del mundo de las redes sociales.
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