Mr. Robot - Title Design (unofficial)

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    Jakob Saretz
motion design, compositing & pipeline. company: congaz.de. duesseldorf / germany
We created an unofficial title design for our favorite tv show, Mr. Robot.

We wanted to visualize the central conflict of the series in an abstract, but beautiful way. Our goal was to create the right atmosphere to deep dive into the series afterward.

Mr. Robot follows the life of a traumatized hacker, who is fighting with his team against the top one percent of the world, which are controlling it in the shadows.


Cinema 4D (3D)
Houdini (Particle FX)
After Effects (Compositing)

Visuals by

Daniel Bartels (danny.film)
Jakob Saretz (jsaretz.de)
Marco Bergstein (marcobergstein.com)

Audio by

Moritz Staub (staub-audio.de)

Special Thanks to

FX Artist: Simon Fiedler (simonfiedler.de)
Photogrammetry: Kai Engelke
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Project stills