MOTION REEL | Ronald Rabideau

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    Ronald Rabideau
A motion designing, illustrating, art directing father of 4 & husband of 1. I like chicken & waffles. Always learning and sharing what I learn with others because others took the time to share with me. 
This compilation of motion design represents my body of work from the last couple of years. It's been incredibly busy and fun. Thanks to all the motion people out there who've inspired me and shared their methods with me! I've been fortunate to work with some amazingly talented individuals.

Featured Clients/Projects: INSP, Logos Bible Software, Noet Research Libraries, The YHWH Project, To This Day Segment, Radical Mentoring, Proclaim Media, Michael Crissinger - https://vimeo.com/mcrissinger

Song: Endless - Instrumental by The Rival licensed through The Music Bed, LLC
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Project stills

Infographic / Explain Animation