Motion Graphics Show Reel

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    Dimitri Trickovski
I am a Motion Graphics Designer that specialises in 2D animation with almost six years experience in one of the biggest post production company in Macedonia. The experience allowed me to acquire a diverse knowledge of post-production and gain different skills that intersect. I can do motion graphics for the web and traditional media, including  trailers, infographics, titles, adverts, logo animation and branding work on After Effects, 2D character animation on Anime Studio Pro, editing on Sony Vegas, keying and  rotoscoping also in After Effects and Mocha. I can produce first class work in a very short time scale. You can contact me any time via email: [email protected] or SKYPE:  nf_str8, if you want me to show you my show-reel or some of my latest projects. You can  also check me on:Linkedin profile: https://mk.linkedin.com/in/dimitritrickovski Vimeo profile: www.vimeo.com/nfsxeSHOW REEL LINK: https://www.behance.net/gallery/38809631/Motion-Graphics-Show-Reel
Show Reel 2016 - Motion Graphics. I will appreciate any comment. Cheers! :)
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