Mirrored Mountains Title Sequence

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    Pavel Pogudin
Hello, friends! My name is Pavel Pogudin, I live in the lower reaches of the Ural Mountains, and in the evening, after hunting for bear and other wild-beast, I move pictures and give out it for animation.
Svetly Story and Event Horizont teamed up with WWF and Citi Foundation to create the stunning title sequence for «Mirrored Mountains», a documentary feature about Altay region.
We were inspired by Chinese painting, and of course «Marco Polo» title sequence by the Mill Studio.

Светлые Истории и Горизонт Событий объединились вместе с WWF и Citi Foundation, чтобы создать титры для полнометражного документального фильма «Отражение Гор: Алтай».
Мы вдохновлялись китайской живописью и работой The Mill для «Marco Polo»

Credits: svetly-story.com
Music composed by: Alexander Dudoladov
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