Mirage (Music Video)

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    Stu Kelly
I studied VFX at Edge Hill University and currently work as a motion graphics animator at a studio in Southport, UK. I love to research and explore, as for me this is as big a part of my creative process. I enjoy finding inspiration in as many things as I can and aim to create works that inspire others. My diverse range of work history has allowed me to develop a unique balance of creativity and technical knowledge to create content in a number of different ways. If you are considering seeking help delivering film or animation projects, please view samples of my work and get in touch if you like what you see. I'm always more than happy to consult on potential or live projects no matter what stage of delivery you're at!
Debut music video for my solo music project.

Mirage is a collaboration between myself and my good friend, Matthew Quinn. It began when he paid me a visit prior to his venture to Australia. We spoke of potential collaboration ideas and this is how Mirage spawned.

The footage of Nepal was not captured with an intention in mind, nor was it captured with professional-grade equipment, so it was an exciting challenge to transform it intro a refreshing visual story.
The opening and closing shots of the music video are on a boat, suggesting that everything in between was fabricated. A dream of what was or what's to come, much like a shoreline to those lost at sea - a mirage.
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