MediaMonks Valentine's Day

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    Juan Behrens
For this year Valentine's day we decided to make a long distance relationship story to celebrate all those hearts around the earth spreading the good love! May love reach you all!

Made by MediaMonks
Head of Animation: Pierre Nelwan
Animation Director: Juan Behrens
Storyboards: Michiel Schellekens, Maxwell Reed, Juan Behrens
Design: Yan Jamacaru, Pablo Cuello, Steffi Kick, Juan Behrens
2D Animation: Michiel Schellekens, Maxwell Reed, Pablo Cuello, Yan Jamacaru, Joost Rutten, Floris van Raak, Declan Byrne, Ben Alcasas, Juan Behrens
Music by Dave van Luttervelt
Sound Design by Lars van Leeuwen
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