Malaysia Heritage Coke Event 2013

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In conjunction with the Malaysia Heritage Coke 2013 event in May 12 we had taken the opportunity to collaborate with a few mograph artists in creating a fun & exciting promo video.

The idea of the video was to showcase the Coca-cola glass bottle in a creative environment, similar to what Coca-cola worldwide has been coming up for their well-loved & creatively designed bottles and tin cans. We wanted to showcase how Coca-cola has been very creative with their designs through out the years.

Each artist were free to come up with their creative ideas revolving around the Coca-cola glass bottle. We then took the mographs given and edited the videos to create one promo video.

Thank you to everyone who were involved and making this happen.

|| Video Initiated by : Glassfin

|| Mograph Artist :
Benson Leong - https://vimeo.com/glassfin
Libra Loong - https://vimeo.com/66293651
Mafex Tay - https://vimeo.com/glassfin
Mchenn Lim - https://vimeo.com/66454603
Miretti Liyunzira - http://vimeo.com/66504405
Si Ying - https://vimeo.com/67005835

|| Editor : Phoa Mui Kim

|| Collaboration with : Event Organizer

|| Music by : Steve Murrell - And You Know

Behance : bit.ly/11k0H48
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