Crispin the Trendy Youngster

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    Eugene Borodulin
"One day the day after tomorrow on the outskirts of Looming Land, on the right of ramshackle Droidbury Town, surrounded by snowbound ridge of Somersault Hills, a bit north of forsaken Saffron Wharf on the Lake of Million Drops, right above the dancing Hornpipe Forest, very close to anomalous Aethereal Harrow, there is Infinite Dew Field, where our extraordinary ‘hidden’ lyrical hero walks the dog under the baking sun. His name is Crispin and he is the Trendy Youngster." *

Time is over completely to the bitter end now,
But the same cotton flowers float slowly above.
(After years of sad sighs nothing got better
For vain elephant, lazy duck, idle cow).
Immersed in gold of ripe wheat spikelets,
Trendy Youngster is falling in love.

Baking sun bakes until golden brown his face.
If you’re lost in the fields, there’s nowhere to hide.
(All the thoughts melt and trickle away from the head,
Can you hear an echo? It prefers empty space!)
Crispin hates maudlin memories and drives away melancholy,
He just keeps all inside.

He loves to wear iconic brand logos
From top to toe, outside of tanned body.
(We’re what we eat, we’re what we wear.
Otherwise I’m afraid we’re fake, we’re bogus).
A sky picks bright blue, a tree picks deep green,
Crispin is more likely to fix on gaudy.

One field ends in an instant and another begins.
Chukka boots are too tight, deep v-neck tee as well…
(Weary Renny the dog always gets underfoot
Sniffing out mole burrows, and whines, and grins).
They have crossed far and wide at least five boundless fields.
Crispin goes Southwest, Renny goes to the smell.

* This is just the short introduction of an extraordinary ‘hidden’ hero of my upcoming interactive book for iPad. It’s gonna be the original story called ‘Looming Land’ and it’s about lonely reserved friends who decided to change everything in their lives one day. Meet them all in the App Store soon.
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