Life Links

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    Sven Windszus
Sven Windszus is a motion designer and creative director based in Berlin, Germany. He grew up in a small town in the north of Germany. He graduated with a diploma in visual communications at the HAWK University (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst), in Hildesheim. After his studies he decided to find his luck in Berlin. In the middle of the ‘00s he founded the Motion Graphic Studio LAIKABASE with his friend and colleague Lars Jandel. Since then Sven worked in various fields of design, 3d animation & experimental arts. His clients range from small nonprofit to large multinational companies. Sven is an open-minded designer and always looking for new challenges.
"Life Links" is a new multimedia documentary on DW-TV.
This movie is a small collage of "Life Links" graphic design content.

Art Direction, Design & Animaiton: Sven Windszus
Creative Direction Holger Zeh
Interface Design: Philipp Gellenthin

Life Links' viewers help develop the program from episode to episode with an emphasis on multimedia presentation throughout the project. The search for topics, research, production and broadcast at Life Links are all interactive processes that come together at www.dw.de/lifelinks. Users can tell their own stories and vote for issues they'd like to see covered in the show.

DW reporters call upon followers on Twitter and Facebook to help them with research, and they take up users' questions. Via mobile reporting, users are involved on site during filming. Using social media and the Life Links website, reporters present articles, images, audio and video of their encounters with those featured in the show.
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