Lexus "Make Your Mark"

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Iron Claw is an Emmy Award winning full-service production company in Los Angeles that specializes in integrating design and visual effects with live-action photography. We make television commercials, network promos, television VFX, video game trailers, as well as interactive marketing content and environmental/experience design projects. Iron Claw handles all aspects of production - from shooting and editorial to animation/VFX and finishing - all under one roof. Our goal is to provide best-of-class creative services for all media, today and tomorrow.

Director Duo Rad-ish (Assembly Films NY) and Iron Claw collaborated with Walton Isaacson to create a stylish spot showcasing the new ES 300. Shot in downtown LA, the spots employ light streaks and flares that were mainly captured using traditional photography. The streaks were brought into 3D and distorted to appear tracked into the space.

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