Less but Better- A Philosopy by Dieter Rams

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    soner aktas
Less but better' is more than just a rule for better design. This project deals with the topic of reduction and simplicity in design. We refer to Dieter Rams, a German product designer who has worked very successfully fo the company Braun. His philosophy is being used again today, in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and made up of an impenetrable abundance of colors and shapes. Reduction helps us to recognize the core message of the product again and to present it clearly. The result is a two-minute animation consisting of digital animation technique and frame by frame animation dealing with this topic.

Animated&directed by
Soner Aktas& Simon Weckbach

Voice by
Konstantin Flemig

Music by
Marianas-Quincas Moreira

Supervised by
Prof. Anna-Lisa Schönecker

Bachelor thesis
Communication Design

Hochschule Mainz
University of Applied Sciences

2018 Mainz Germany
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Director Soner Aktas Simon Weckbach


Project stills

Infographic / Explain Animation