Leonard Cohen on Music

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    Andrea Gendusa
Focused in creative design, Multum in Parvo team use creativity,skills, tools and a close communication to collaborate with clients, from concept to the final piece, that is shaped on the clients need! We want drive clients and brand, through an immersive creative process, to get a the best results for the client and his target. From Barcelona, we works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, communication agencies, and branding ,illustration and animation talented freelances.
In tribute to a bold visionary and one of our biggest creative inspirations, Leonard Cohen, we created this visual essay to share and celebrate his genius on the one year anniversary of the beginning of his afterworld. What could it have been like to spend a day, an hour, or even a second inside that prolific mind of his? By interweaving the spoken elements as ephemeral 2D and 3D visual scenes, we begin to feel the ebbs and flows of a profound creative spirit.

Agency: Elkanodata
Creative direction: Andrea Gendusa, Victor Pérez
Art direction: Andrea Gendusa
Design / Animation: Andrea Gendusa, Victor Pérez
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