Leo Buscaglia - Advice for a Loving Life

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    Douglas Alberts
Hey there, My name is Douglas, but feel free to call me Doug. Born and raised in Chicago, I now study at RCAD in Sarasota, Florida. Curiosity and a genuine passion for what I do guides my design intuition. I continue to challenge myself with independent projects while indulging in a few cups of coffee along the way. On the weekends, find me running, fishing, cozy in a hammock, or working on passion projects. I am fully immersing myself in this industry and am loving every step of the way.
Dr. Leo Buscaglia, also known as "Dr. Love", spent his life showing and sharing love. I have always admired his books and speeches so I wanted to show my interpretation of his speech. Starting in a small Italian family, Leo grew to one of the world's greatest speakers and inspirations.

Be inspired and keep loving because it never goes outdated.

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