Leader Beeldbuis Film Festival

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    Dennie van Dijk

Dennie van Dijk is a Dutch Motion & Film designer based in Doetinchem (NL).With a lot of dedication and passion he creates animations for film, tv,web, events, stores and presentations that are always unique in imagery and style.His great knowledge of different techniques and skills allows him to communicate astrong visual language between the clients and target groups.The end products consist of:Info-graphics, Product Films, Explanimations, Corporate Films, Promos, Narrowcasting,Leaders, Bumpers, Trailers, Short Films, Stage Visuals, Idents and Music-videos.Dennie has worked on productions for Ahold, Rabobank International, ING, Schiphol,Mountain Dew, BNN, and more divergent clients.Feel free to contact him for [email protected] +31652007497Doetinchem

Created this teaser for the Beeldbuis Film Festival in Zwolle.

It's been a great project to work on with a lot of creative freedom.
I wanted to create a retro futuristic world with platforms floating above the landscape.

In the last 100 years there has been a lot of experimenting in each platform.

Each platform represents a category of the film festival, from video installations to film.
All categories come together when the century clock of experiments reached his final second..

Design & Animation: Dennie van Dijk
Sound-design: Rob Peters
Edit: Site Reid
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