Kundalini (Chakras Installation)

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Kundalini is an installation thesis project completed at Ringling College of Art + Design.

Kundalini is the sanskrit term for corporeal energy. Corporeal is defined "of or relating to a person's body." Each chakra control a different source of ever flowing energy through the subtle human body.

Through this mesmerizing installation, each chakra has designed with the use of contemporary graphic elements and abstract particles that correlate the chakra with its significant body part. The symbol was written by hand using india ink to give the strokes authenticity.

Project as a whole:

Chakra Animations
1 - Sahasrara - Crown Chakra - vimeo.com/113802878
2 - Ajna - Third Eye Chakra - vimeo.com/113805368
3 - Vushuddha - Throat Chakra - vimeo.com/113805364
4 - Anahata - Heart Chakra - vimeo.com/113805365
5 - Manipura - Naval Chakra - vimeo.com/113805366
6 - Svadhishthana - Sacral Chakra - vimeo.com/113805367
7 - Muladhara - Root Chakra - vimeo.com/113807720

Audio: Flight Facilities - Two Bodies
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