Knuckle Visualizer

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We used a different approach on audio visualizing based on a completely different medium and art work.
The idea was initially inspired from the Analogue Synthesizers design.
During the making of 'Knuckle Visualizer' we thought it might be more interesting to visualize
retro sound from Analogue Synthesizer into the artwork using different styles of artwork and design.

We collaborated unilaterally with a music company called 'musicaroma'.
This music company focuses on promoting internationally unknown foreign musicians and enabling them to get a copyright in Korea.

The music playing in the background is from the artist "Stereo Cool, Title: Let There Be Funk "
One of the musician under 'musicaroma'

Creative & Art Direction: Marco
Motion Design: Marco, STeeLO
Sound Design: Marco
Ilustration / Drawing: Shine
Installation / Film: Marco, STeeLO, Shine

Music : Stereo Cool - Let There Be Funk
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Experimental / Art