KINDA BLUE ~ Project Hello! Redux~

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    Eunkyung Ko
Welcome to 'Project Hello!', a short film by first time director Eunkyung Ko.
It is a film that explores the world through a child's eyes.
A fantastical world where magic and reality collide to make for an entirely new experience!
There is a quest, to find someone lost. Or better yet, find something lost! We all lose our ability to see as a child sees at some point, a painful fact of life. Where everything and anything is possible. This film is ultimately about that. Finding our youth again. And rediscovering, as every child already knows, that a smile can literally change the world!

it is a unique film that lies somewhere between Stop Motion and 2D Animation. Think of it as a living breathing popup fairy tale book in motion. With a fresh new style that hasn't been tried before, you will see beautifully colored multi-layered dimensions, even though it's actually just 2D. I hope people will be confused as to wether it's real shooting or not. 

then, please enjoy my movie.

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Project stills