The Story of Our Workflow - 3D Explainer Video

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    Kasra Design
Kasra Design is a boutique animation company specializing in the production of explainer videos and motion graphics for TV commercials, websites, corporate and training purposes. Kasra Design was established in year 2009 and since then, we have expanded our business and widened our network of client base greatly. Today, we are backed by a team of dedicated and professional individuals to meet our ever-increasing customer networks and demands.
The word "Workflow" sounds like routine, and routine spells boring. So we decided to spice things up a little. It aimed to be a video which tells you how we work with you on the production of your explainer video, in a less boring way. Audio script: Hey there. This is how we make your animated explainer video. First, we meet you over a coffee, or a conference call, to find out how we can help with your video production project. Then, we process your brief, goals and ideas and turn them into a creative script. The carefully drafted script will be sent to you for approval. Thanks for the thumbs up sir. Our designers work relentlessly to craft an amazing set of characters and objects for your video. Of course, you’ll get to pick the ones you like. Once you're happy with the characters, we will develop a detailed storyboard to show you our visual ideas for each scene of the video, based on the approved script and characters. You can pick the voice over artist you like to narrate the script in any desired language. Sounds amazing, isn't she? Animating stage is the most crucial part of the production. It’s where we animate every single detail on the storyboard, bringing everything to life. As the final touch, we add some great music and sound effects. You rock, guys! Once your animated video is ready, we will send it to you for your final approval. Something’s missing? No worries, we will get it fixed right away. Hope you enjoyed watching our process video. Find out more about our video production services at: Kasradesign.com #isometric #3d #guide #productiontips #animationguide #videoproduction #workflow #3dexplainervideo #3dcharacter #production

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