Jigsaw ‘The Dress’ Case Study

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Green Tea Visions is a design-led motion graphics and video production studio. It is the creative output of Sam Kelly. Based in Brighton, we specialise in creating bespoke video content for projects that range from Graphic Design to Broadcast Animation to Digital Advertising, for a variety of clients, industries and platforms. With 5+ years experience, we’ve worked in London, Berlin and Melbourne. For the likes of BT Sport, EY Seren, Fitch, Iris Worldwide, Sony Pictures and more... Creating work for Bupa, Foxtel, Samsung, Sky, Vodafone and a whole heap of smaller (but no less important) brands too. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss a project or quote. We look forward to hearing from you.
Working with Jigsaw, we helped to create several animations for their launch of 'The Dress', 4 luxury dresses launched in August 2017, showcased at their flagship store in Chelsea on Kings Road, as well as at Oxford Circus and several other stores across London.
The videos created part of a storefront display, working together with filmed footage and photography around the dress itself. We were responsible for animating the original storyboards, bringing to life the making of the dresses from their initial blueprint design through to revealing the final product.
This video shows examples of these animations and in store displays.
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