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    Jammy Custard
Cardiff and South Wales’ delectable animation studio, creating animated and motion graphic content for brands from across the UK and overseas.
We’re proud to present Jeff, your partner in the world of hosted communications.

Jeff lives in the cloud, so there is no need for any boring office gizmos that clutter up the place. You can reach him easily using an IP handset, or his very own app, and an internet connection. Jeff keeps himself in shape, makes sure he is always up to date, and he doesn’t switch off; he’s constantly on the go, connecting you to your customers.

Jeff is an offering from Glamorgan Telecom who approached Jammy Custard to create the brand, design the character and tell the story of how Jeff can help businesses stay connected. The overall design, brand and tone of voice took influence from 50s-60s comics and cartoons, especially in regards to advertising which had a sense of life-changing optimism when selling products.

We enlisted the help of Tom Kavanagh to compose the joyous and optimistic music reminiscent of the time, as well as Robbie Stevens to voice and reinforce the power of Jeff. A special mention goes out to Sing Clifton who provided the icing on the cake with their Jeff vocal stings. Wow!

For more information about hiring Jeff for your business, visit https://www.talktojeff.co.uk

Direction, Design and Animation: Jammy Custard Animation [https://www.jammycustard.co.uk]
Voiceover: Robbie Stevens [http://www.robbiesvoice.com]
Vocal Stings: Sing Clifton [https://singclifton.com]
Music: Tom Kavanagh [https://www.tomkcomposer.com]

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-- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jammycustard
-- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jammy-custard-studios
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