IREF 2018 - Open titles

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    Oscar MANTILLA
Art director, motion designer and visual artist based in Paris and Lyon, France. I’m currently interested in a more multidisciplinary approach of Digital art and Design. Exploring new techniques and new ways of creating as virtual reality, coding, music and art installations. The subject of my work is the creation of unexpected links between creativity, visual communication and digital arts.
Electrifying environment, digital animations and immersive view for the opening titles of Iref 2018.

IREF is an organization that created the « Best Franchisees & Partners of France » contest more than 30 years ago. The mark rewards the high-performance units of the major national brands in the french commercial landscape.


As every year, IREF choose for its contest a style/concept for its graphic identity. This year the graphic style chosen was « data environment ».


Inspired by a modern data universe and some organic movements, I did the Art direction, the visual creation and motion graphics of the project.

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Creative Director oscar mantilla


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