Internet Throttling - A Passion Project

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    Douglas Alberts
Hey there, My name is Douglas, but feel free to call me Doug. Born and raised in Chicago, I now study at RCAD in Sarasota, Florida. Curiosity and a genuine passion for what I do guides my design intuition. I continue to challenge myself with independent projects while indulging in a few cups of coffee along the way. On the weekends, find me running, fishing, cozy in a hammock, or working on passion projects. I am fully immersing myself in this industry and am loving every step of the way.
Ever wonder why network at home is so slow? It could be internet throttling. ISP's, let's put the brakes on internet throttling.

This independent project allowed me to practice the use of transitions and provided a fun way to learn more about our ISP's. The fast paced music was fun to work with, as it provided a new way to hit beats.
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