IBM - Glow

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    Ricardo Roberts
bien is a motion design studio that creates content for global audiences. Our super diverse team makes animated films for brands, agencies, and non-profits.
Automation: How to get your glow back.

Are repetitive tasks turning your talented workers into robots? This animated short tells the story of how the mundane can drain even the brightest of workers and companies of their glow — and how you can start to get it back by using IBM Automation to free people up to do what people are uniquely great at: ideation, innovation, and creativity.

Company: IBM

Agency: Myriad Media
Agency Creative Director: Max Zampieri
Agency Executive Producer: Chris Young
Agency Senior Producer: Drew Grimes
Scriptwriter: Kate Cortesi

Motion Design Studio: BIEN
Executive Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Creative Director: Reece Parker
Illustration: Reece Parker
2D Animators & Compositors: Hung Le, Reece Parker
Cel Animation: Reece Parker, Henrique Barone, Adam Henderson, Erich Reimers, Dennis Wardzala, Salvador Padilla
Custom Music Score: Sono Sanctus
Sound Design: Sono Sanctus
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