"I am" Pause Fest 2020

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    Raduga Design
Radugadesign studio is a team of unique professionals united by the passion for new media. At the heart of the new ideas generation and studio aesthetics is multidisciplinary outlook of designers, artists and programmers. http://radugadesign.com/
“I am” project by Radugadesign studio became the part of "Motion response selection" for PAUSE fest 2020. “New Odyssey” is a theme of this year and it starts an adventurous journey into the new decade for which we are required to welcome new values and virtues.

In our project we rely on the hypothesis simulation. If the hypothesis is true, in the future we will be able to become "creators" of the virtual world that will turn into "real" for its new inhabitants. Our world may not be the main in the universe but the part of the multiverse, just an experiment of some overdeveloped civilization.

Our “New Odyssey’’ is essentially a journey – a journey in search of answers: “What is reality?”, “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?” and even “Am I here?”, “Am I?”


Creative director: Ivan Nefedkin
Producer: Dina Safina
Screenwriter: Anna Kramar

Production team: Alexander Abramov, Egor Andrianov, Elen Elkiev, Sergey Voronov, Sergey Nikitin, Slava Rybin, Maksim Grebenschikov, Sergey Gorokhov

Models: Ilya Lim, Jancy Bazego, Vasilisa Sokolova, Anya Mikhailova, Anastasiia Tskhai, Alexey Vorobyev

Style: Olga Bobrova
Style assistant: Lina Bulygo
Make up: Alena Trusova

Sound: Alexander Zaripov

Voices: Allie, Bella, Ellen, Kristine, Michell, Fred, Jimmy, Kelvin, Matt, Nick

DOP: Andrey Kashurin
Gaffer: Alexander Garan

Full project: https://bit.ly/30plsDt
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