"Honey" Music Video

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    Joanna Newman
Joanna is a visual artist specializing in design, motion, and compositing. She has advanced technical skills in a variety of industry standard software, as well as experience in creating graphics for commercials, pre-visualization, TV, billboards, and web content.She has worked for over a dozen production companies in New York City to varying degrees, most notably Launch (sister company of Charlex), Hornet, and Spot Creative.She aspires to be a professional creative director on visually dynamic work in which live action is enhanced by the endless creativity that animation and visual effects have to offer.
BREAKDOWN HERE: www.joannamnewman.com/portfolio/honey

For years I've been drawn to the ways music and visuals are enhanced by one another.

This music video was created by compositing together dynamic live action footage with design elements, motion graphics, and visual effects. The edgy style and densely packed animation create a high energy video to complement the song.

The post-production process started by editing in Premiere using a multicam sequence, and bringing in each shot of the sequence into After Effects where everything was designed and composited.

I then pulled together various fonts that inspired me, created backgrounds purely from particle plugins, and went to town with animating shape layers.

Hope you enjoy!

Directed, Designed, Edited, Animated, & Composited by: Joanna Newman
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