Hiscox 'The House I Grew Up In'

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    Luke Busby
I am an Electronic Music Producer turned VFX Artist/ Art Director. Currently Freelancing in and around London. As an electronic music producer I worked with a diverse array of musicians from Frou Frou's Guy Sigsworth and Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik, Metronomy, M.I.A. and Camille. In December 2007 I left music production to pursue Motion Graphic Design. I have been working in the industry for over seven years now. My commercial work has involved the production of 3D and 2D animations for advertising, broadcast, product development and for use in live productions such as projection mapping and club visuals. Even now my responsibilities often see me creating sound and music for projects. I also completed an MA in animation and motion graphics so as to explore other more personal avenues of motion design that can sometimes be hard to achieve when working full-time.
Together with with VCCP we created a television commercial for Hiscox Insurance, however this was not your standard ad. Our brief was to utilise our projection mapping expertise but with a residential house as our canvas.

We follow a father as he reflects on how his priorities – and his home –have evolved. Projection mapping provided the perfect technique to bring his thoughts to life on the outside of his house.

A huge challenge, which unlike previous projection projects built for big impact on large buildings, required us to take a more emotive approach to our storytelling.

With all of the technology and production kit required, undertaking this on a residential street was ambitious enough; but not content with that, we decided to throw a motion control camera into the mix to enhance the perspective illusion.

We were adamant from the outset that we wouldn’t “fake” anything in post-production trickery as we felt there was valuable integrity in doing something for real. A massively rewarding challenge and a technical first, for us.

Check out the Making Of here - vimeo.com/108884141

Directed & Produced by FOUND STUDIO
Creative Direction: VCCP
Director: Mike Sharpe
Art Director: Carlos Carrasco
Producers: Ian Walker, Joe Binks
Director of Photography: Tony Miller
3D Lead: Rich Hallsworth, Luke Busby
Projection: Projection Artworks
Production Designer: Anna Rhodes
Colourist: Thomas Urbye
Creative Director: Jim Thornton
Creative Team: Kieran Knight, Veryan Prigg
Executive Producer: Andy Leahy
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