Hi-Energy Parallel String Accelerator

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Lalaland is a collaborative project by Matic Grgič and
Jean Žvan; two freelance motion designers who love their work and invite you to
play along.

We were totally psyched up when we were contacted by a client from parallel space to make a film for their upcoming Hi-Energy Parallel String Accelerator device. Psyched, because as far as we know, this was the first case for anyone to be contacted by a client from a parallel universe & psyched because it's a nice freaking product. Imagine our enthusiasm, when we were promised the devices in exchange for making the presentation film. Still waiting on that...

Client: YOU
Production: LALALAND
Concept, design & animation: Matic Grgič

Sound Design: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar (http://moraus.tv/)

Music: Thievery Corporation - For Mods Only
(Lalaland doesn’t own any copyrights for this song, it is not being used for commercial purposes with intent to sale)
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