Halography 2018 Opening Title

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    Dang Hai Ha
After growing up in Hanoi, Vietnam, as the only son of a small family, I finished high school at HuaMei International College in Guang Dong, China. As a child, I always had a passion for animation and motion graphic so now I chose to make it the subject of my studies. Currently, I'm working in Singapore as a motion graphics artist.As for photography, I took it up as a tool to see certain things from another perspective and also to expand my horizon.I strongly believe that software is only a tool to make work easier.Ultimately, what matters is the passion, the skill, the value and the dedication you have towards each of your works.Email:[email protected]
Halography Vietnam 2018 Opening Title
- The Infinite Contrast -

This project was started in the beginning of August 2018 and it took a total of 25 days to complete. With an all-out effort from the Vietnam team as well as our friends around the world, we hope to deliver real experiences to our audiences.

Following this year's topic of Halography, “No Halo”, we hoped to spread the enthusiasm of our creative community, from showcasing the value of participants, the informative experiences shared by our speakers to the amazing design themselves.

We’ve then decided to challenge the audience with abstracts and contrastable elements. This is one of the most important aspect in design, however; the question of how to use contrastive technique is still difficult to answer till date. For the animated segment, the opposition was created from the differences between shapes and colours. On the other hand, this can be the contrast between feelings, space, time, speed, actions… therefore we've decided to go further.

Client: Vietnam Halography
Vietnam Team:
Rio Agency
​​​​Creative Director: Tung Juno
Marketing Executives: Ngo Thao Ly, Do Tuan Anh

Singapore Team:
​​​​Creative Director: HaiHa Dang
Motion Designer: An Dinh
3D Artist: Bryan Han

Italy Team:
Sound Designer: Andrea Damiano

Special thanks: Nguyen Thai Thuan, Martin Reiher, Martin Doan, Ha Nhat Minh, Benjamin Ang, Alan Tu Nguyen

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Creative Director HaiHa Dang
3D Generalist Bryan Han
Motion Designer An Dinh