H&M x Zara Larsson

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3D Art Direction and Design boutique, based in Buenos Aires. Founded by sensible, passionate storytellers with a whimsical take on the everyday. The award-winning team is, insistently, on the lookout for a deep color sense and a strong use of the methaphor. Proudly represented by agents in Europe and Asia.
It was a big surprise when director Betrayal_Junkie showed us his artwork and asked to bring it in a new format. He wanted to create mixed media collages from lo-fi internet material and high-value 3D elements.

The style truly represented a challenge but since we feel uncomfortable being confortable, we said yes and he flew directly to our headquarters in Buenos Aires.

H&M by Zara Larsson campaign is a take over of the brand as she releases first full-lenght album. Zara has been designing garments for the new collection and we did the promo where she break off the transmition on the stores, surrounded by a singular digital universe. Everything is pale pink, naturally.

Client: H&M
Creative Agency: Sandberg & Timonen
Direction: Betrayal_Junkie

Creative Direction: Betrayal_Junkie & molistudio

Production: Dobrina Manolova, Jack Hobbs
Director's Rep.: Katy Barker LTD

Design and Animation Studio: molistudio

Full Project on be.net/gallery/47859407/H-M-x-Zara-Larsson
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