GSG' EGGS (may) Five secondes Project submission by FREMOX

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    Matthieu Matthieu

A short animation i created last year for an easter egg emailing, that i re-edited with new soundeffects and new editing, in order to enter the latest GreyscaleGorilla's "Five seconds projects" contest (theme of the month : EGGS EGGS EVERYWHERE !).

Here's the link for more informations about the contest : http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/five-second-projects/

I have to mention that i was first inspired by the great BT Vision Easter Egg movie created by Man vs Machine two years ago. Here's the original video : vimeo.com/10413926 (the first 5 seconds are what i tried to reproduce with Mograph but with my own "chocolate" and "aluminium materials)

Hope you'll like it !

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