Griffin 2014 Season Trailer

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    Mike Tosetto
I'm a Motion Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love to create animation, 3D and videos.
This is our fifth year working with Griffin Theatre and every year we strive to do something different.
This year, artistic director Lee Lewis wanted to express the intimacy one experiences in this tiny theatre where actors perform merely inches from your knees.

This season's work makes the viewer feel like they're being acted to in the theatre space. We had amazing fun on the shoot with Brett Boardman, our camera operator and an amazing collaborator who helped to concept the season. 
To promote the 2014 season we produced a trailer to give a taste of what audiences can expect. Shot almost entirely on green screen and edited to a soundtrack from Mr. Bill, the video is a full on sensorial experience that demands your attention, doesn't let up and leaves you wondering what the heck just happened. Just like a night at Griffin.
Find out more about this project on Interbrand Australia's website.
Creative Director - Chris Maclean
Motion Designer and Video Editor - Mike Tosetto
Camera Operator - Brett Boardman
Music - Mr. Bill - Balance
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