Go Camp | Social Explainer video

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SKILZ is a studio of Video Production of full cycle, located in Kiev. We specialize in the production of animation and motion graphics, whether it is 2D or 3D.
Our team has created this video to show how easy it is to help every Ukrainian student to expand the horizons and get ready for an adult life in the modern world. We say that any caring person can donate only 7$ to make it possible for a teenager to spent three weeks in GoCamp. Every year hundreds of volunteers from different countries come to GoCamp camps all over Ukraine to spend time with children, teach them foreign languages and tell them about the world.

Client: GoGlobal (goglobal.com.ua)
Production: SKILZ studio
Project manager: Irina Gorbacheva
Script: Stanislav Bulatsky
Illustrations: Vita & Dmitry Stolz
3D graphics: Ilya Filin, Vlad Dremlyuga
Animation: Roman Vyshyvanov, Dmitry Yurin, Vlad Dremlyuga, Nick Kirichenko, Nickita Kobets, Eudard Mykhailov, Adam Bronson
Music & Sound design: Daruma Audio (daruma.audio)

Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/46666679/Go-Camp
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