Glassfin Experimental Reel

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This year we've decided to break away from the typical showreels and went for an experimental video reel instead.

Everything was done in house, from pre-production right up to post. Ideas and concept were inspired by the characteristics of the people in Glassfin and conversations that we've had, which were then infused with motion graphics that we've done.

Music: Battles - Atlas

Director: Mafex Tay

DOP: Bryan Ngooi

Costume & Props: Mafex Tay, Molek Kasa, Phoa Mui Kim, Shafiqah Bay

Talents: Shafiqah Bay, Phoa Mui Kim, Mafex Tay, Molek Kasa

Lighting & Camera: The Rental House

Executive Producer: Sivagamy Jeeva

Producer: Phoa Mui Kim

Offline Editor: Phoa Mui Kim & Molek Kasa

Graphic Designers: Mafex Tay, Bryan Ngooi, Shafiqah Bay, Molek Kasa

Online Editor: Molek Kasa, Mafex Tay, Brain Ngooi, Shafiqah Bay

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Experimental / Art