Fred & Socks #1

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    Jambo animation
We unite talented people and live with purpose of creation stunning animations) Jambo is an independent creative team that works online around the world. We collect talented enthusiasts in the field of illustration and animation for the implementation of interesting and promising projects. This public is not only the seat of our portfolio, but also a kind of animation blog, in which we place both our latest achievements in the field of animation and our backstage in the form of creation processes and video lessons. You can comission us any animation by Email - [email protected] Skype - Jambo_animation Telegram / WhatsApp: +7 988 621 99 01
Fred&Socks was done for cool guys from St.Petersburg, making colorful socks.
July, 2017
toon boom
Our team created a series of animated commercials for the Fred & Socks brand. idea / script / storyboard / character design / illustrations / traditional animation / motion graphics / sound design / production
The project was made by:
Animation - Danya Mikhailov
Sound Design: Roman Fokin
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Project stills