Fravega Mother's Day

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    Pablo Alfieri
It's Mother Day in Argentina and Fravega, one of the most important retailers in the country, and our friends of Molo entrusted us again with a new campaign. It is an important project for us since we got the chance for the amazing direction of Gabriel Fermanelli and CGI production of Waypoint! It was a pleasure to bring them together and build this Dream Team!
The campaign had 3 animated spots in which we participate from the scripts stage with the agency and the idea was to invite the audience to give the mother technology presents instead of the traditional chichés.
Also we work in the print campaign, newspapers and magazines adds and characters applications for the branches. We hope you like it!

Directed by: Gabriel Fermanelli
Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Gabriel Fermanelli
Characters design: Gabriel Fermanelli & Elda Broglio
3D Supervisor: Daniel Bel & Alexis Fioretti
Modeling: Daniel Bel, Alexis Fioretti and Ignacio Traverso
Rigging & Skinning: Alexis Fioretti
3D Shading, Lighting & Rendering: Daniel Bel
FX: Daniel Bel
Max Scripting: Alexis Fioretti
3D Animation: Daniel Bel, Alexis Fioretti, Pablo Lorenzo, Mauro Serei & Ignacio Ochoa
Postproduction: Matías Mastrogiano & Sebastian Curi
Audio & SFX: Mil Cables
Production: Mariela Fábregas & Inés Palmas
Year: 2014
Client: Fravega
Agency: Molo
Creative Director: Maxi Vazquez
Account Director: Lucas Ramos Mejia
Responsible for the client: Juan Martin Romero & Soledad Cabut
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