Folkloric Song

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    Mattia Cobianchi
I'm an italian fella who loves experimenting with CGI, trying everything I can put my hands on. WORK AREAS: 3D Generalist, 2D motion graphics, VFX, post production. EMAIL: [email protected]
I made this in Bonsaininja Studio for IDB 40th anniversary in Jeddah and organized by Moments International.

The purpose was to create a background video for a dancing representation of 3 different countries (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Africa) made by children of a local school.

The original video was played on a 32 meters screen.

Sound given by the client, sound effects done by me (not included in the original project).

For project, see: https://www.behance.net/gallery/18687707/Folkloric-Song-?share=1
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