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    Hert Zollner
We are a motion graphic design and 3D animation boutique with a network of great talent based in Amsterdam. Of all the motion graphic design and 3d animation studios in the world, we are one of them...★ April 2014: GreyPOSSIBLE's Ixorg/Dentidrill campaign wins a Silver "Peertje" at the ADCN Awards, category actiemarketing★ April 2013: RED URBAN’s Lays The Battles / Maak De Smaak has won Silver at the Spin Awards. We have done all character fight animations for this amazing campaign site! Plastic Tolstoy | PlasticTolstoy.com | +31-621892728 | [email protected]
This film gives the viewer a brief introduction into the problem of Precarious Work. Worldwide, less people have the benefit of job security. When you don't have a stable income, you can't build a dignified existence for yourself.   Global trade unions work hard to give precarious workers a shared voice.

Client: FNV Mondiaal
Agency: MrLee.tv
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