FITC presents FORM // Chicago 2015 Titles

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    Donnie Bauer
FITC heads to Chicago on November 2-3 with FORM, a new event that will explore creation with Stefan Sagmeister, GMUNK, Nicholas Felton, Rama Allen (The Mill), Jason White (Leviathan) and many more.
Full details at FORM-festival.com

Titles created by the talented team at Optimus Design in Chicago, directed by Donnie Bauer.

Director: Donnie Bauer
CGI: Donnie Bauer, Trevor Kerr, Luis Mayorga, Brad Cannady, Amador Valenzuela, Andre Kostin
Lighting/Shading Lead: Trevor Kerr
Title Design: Mark Butchko, Tyler Nelson
Compositing: Donnie Bauer, Jim Moss, Mike Ciacciarelli, Brad Cannady, Trevor Kerr
Technical Director: Ken Winke
Edit: Donnie Bauer
Music & Sound Design: Dustin Camilleri
Producer: Jon Desir
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