Film Ninja Production

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    Dang Hai Ha
After growing up in Hanoi, Vietnam, as the only son of a small family, I finished high school at HuaMei International College in Guang Dong, China. As a child, I always had a passion for animation and motion graphic so now I chose to make it the subject of my studies. Currently, I'm working in Singapore as a motion graphics artist.As for photography, I took it up as a tool to see certain things from another perspective and also to expand my horizon.I strongly believe that software is only a tool to make work easier.Ultimately, what matters is the passion, the skill, the value and the dedication you have towards each of your works.Email:[email protected]
This was an exciting project that we have done for Ninja Film Production. This was a logo animation with the concepts based on Ninja’s weapons. In this project, we wanted to express the strength, youth and agility through the movements of the weapons, which are the attitudes of the amazing people at Ninja Film Production. We have also chose inflamed color as the background in contrast with the glowing silver of the weapons to show that the mentality of Ninja Film Production piercing through obstacles.


Creative Direction & Motion Design : Dang Hai Ha
3D Artists : Michael Suwandi , Hoang Tich Quang , Dang Hai Ha
Speacial Thanks : Nguyen Minh Huy

See how we made it : https://www.behance.net/gallery/21288293/FILM-NINJA-PRODUCTION
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