FIFA 19 Demo Trailer | Your Season Starts Now

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    Steven Swanborough
Hi, I’m Steve and I am a Vancouver based Animator, Motion Designer and Editor with over 8 years of industry experience. I'm currently working at EA Canada on a variety of AAA game franchises. I have worked for a variety of clients such as Sony Playstation, JD Sports, BBC Sports, Saucy Fish, Brother and many others. Feel free to get in touch and please check out my site for examples of my work: www.stevenswanboroughdesign.com
Myself and Alex Elms were tasked with producing marketing content to coincide with the release of Fifa 19’s demo. We were asked to create a piece / series of pieces of content that could be distributed over various social media channels at varying lengths to show off; new features, new modes, new in-game content, new team signings and new mechanics. As well as Fifa having the right to feature the UEFA Champions League for the first time. That is quite a lot to show in a relatively short space of time with a little over a month to produce everything.

We wanted to make something a little different to recent Fifa edits so decided to approach it in a different way. We started by looking at camera language and how get the most out of our tools to show the game off in a new light. By working with our capture team we could figure out what new aspects (whether that was gameplay changes, new headscans, new stadiums etc…) we wanted to show and how we could best combine them into separate sequences within the piece. Where possible we wanted to use continuous camera movements to navigate through these sequences and jump from different teams and competitions throughout. The idea was that the longform piece played out like a typical football season: Pre-season hype – league play – January transfer window – back into league play – cup competitions and leagues coming to a close.

For the audio we found a track by Ocean Wisdom called “Don” which felt like it married up with our fast paced vision and the energy we were trying to encapsulate. The final audio pass being done by Charles Deenen and his team at Source Sound. With this edit we also created versions that went over Instagram and Twitter in 9×16 and 1×1 formats along with cutdown versions which only lasted 6, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. We also templated a version we could modify to create bespoke edits for the French international team, Partner clubs (such as: Chelsea, Bayern Munich and PSG where we just included talent from their own teams), Partner players and for our cover star Cristiano Ronaldo who’s post has got 12 Million views alone.

We even managed to get ahold of the unreleased PSG Champions League kit which Nike and Air Jordon collaborated on to put in-game. Our team also spoke with PSG so we could release our video in the same window they announced their new kit. This obviously helped drive up the excitement with the PSG, Neymar and Mbappe fans but also helped the reach of our content in its first few hours as it was shared on their channels as well.

This was a well rounded and successful campaign that had a far reach to our audience through partner channels and targeted advertising. Whether it was seen on match day in the stadiums themselves, through our partner player / club channels or online as targeted ads it really helped drive our audience to download our demo and try the game which in turn helped with the games pre-order and sales. It was great for myself and Alex Elms to have the freedom to try something a little bit different and create a piece from concept right through to execution.
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