Fates Forever Opening Cinematic

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    Sekani Solomon
A few moths ago, I was approached by Hammer and Chisel to help them fill their visual effects and compositing resource to finish and add extra polish to the opening cinematic for their new game, Fates Forever.

I contacted Jason M Diaz to join me in this venture and together, we fulfilled the duties of, rendering and lighting, Vfx (fire, smoke, energy fx), compositing and 2d animation.

We worked tirelessly along side Hammer and Chisel to get this looking polished and awesome. We're proud to finally show the world super cool opening cinematic!

Director: Brandon Kitkouski
Animator: Rod Love
Technical Direction/Rendering/Lighting Vfx: Jason M Diaz
Compositing, Vfx, 2d Animation: Sekani Solomon
Character Art: Joel Byington
Environment Art: Raul Aparicio
Score: Sam Hulick
SFX: Cooper Skinner

Animated in Maya
Rendered using Vray for C4d
Composited in After Effects
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