ExpoLearning 2017

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A1 is a Design and Animation studio working from Buenos Aires to different parts of the world. It is also the challenge to create and learn. The opportunity to tell different stories. We are designers, animators, illustrators and a lot more. We are fortunate to do what we like and do it almost every day.

In all cases, the goal is always the same, communicate an idea. Find the balance between an innovative visual proposal and a solid conceptual foundation. We develop creative and effective solutions, different for each case.

Through the years we work for Big Clients like: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, MTV, VH1, Disney, Disney XD, Marvel, Pixar, Lego, Discovery, TLC, Home And Health, Vans, and Motorola among others. At the same time we have a lot of little friends we work with, some of them are: Massacre, Poseidótica, Los Mundos, Arhat Brewing and many more.

ExpoLearning es un evento anual que rescata conceptos como creatividad, innovación e inclusión. Durante una semana se desarrollan diferentes actividades, charlas, proyecciones, Seminarios, Workshops y diferentes experiencias alternativas. Este año tuvimos la chance de trabajar en la imagen del evento.
El desafío fue desarrollar una estética disruptiva dentro del universo Disney, moderna y capaz de retratar diferentes puntos de vista. Sin perder racionalidad y contacto con la marca. Quedamos muy contentos con el resultado, y ahora pueden verlo!

Comissioned by:
Disney Latam.
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