Eurostar Passenger Information - Director's Cut

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    João Monteiro
Eurostar approached me and Mondi Studio (www.mondi.tv); to create and direct two animations to be showcased on the passenger information screens on board of the new Eurostar trains.
The purpose of the animations is to inform Eurostar passengers about a specific subject without having to use language or audio.

(1) Luggage: what to stow and where
(2) Seat Environment: to shot the seats new features. How to recline the seats, turn on the lights, and extend the tables in the different classes.

This piece is the director cut of both animations joint together.
The original animations don’t have any audio.
This soundtrack is being used only for the director's cut.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From the Sun (short version)

A big thanks to all the team!!

Credits //

Client: Eurostar
Design & Production Company: Mondi Studio
Director: Joao Monteiro
Character Dev: Nata Metlukh, Silvia Prieto
3D Environments: Joao Monteiro
2D Character Animation: Silvia Prieto, Nata Metlukh, Sebastian Cuervo, Omar Labbad, Joao Monteiro
3D Modelling/Texturing/Animation: Joao Monteiro
2D Asset designs: Adam Avery
Compositing: Joao Monteiro
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