Espressonet 365 - Collaboration solution for SME

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    Goldener Westen
We are a design agency for strategic storytelling. We design stories. And the right one for everyone. We listen well, understand you and your focus groups, develop narratives, stories and attitudes and transport your content based on them - so that it gets across.

Since 2000, the Swiss company champions for a successful collaboration in companies. These specialists offer two turnkey solutions - CoffeeNet for big firms and EspressoNet for SME - to simplify companies´ everyday work and improve productivity.

In order to make clear to everyone that has nothing to do with coffee, an explainer video had to be urgently produced. And that was Goldener Westen´s mission. The final result is much more than that in reality! We managed to develop a really funny and entertaining solution for a supposedly rather dry and factual topic, which shows all important features and does not bore the audience. An example of good storytelling and of course also aesthetically a masterpiece!
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Agency Goldener Westen
Creative Director Toby Mory
Illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez
Motion Designer Herbert Müller
2D Animator Ed James Harding
Sound Designer Uwe Bossenz
Copywriter Cristina Tarpo Darren Williams
Voiceover Barney Sykes
Mixing Nikolaus Radeke


Project stills