Erupt - Pause Fest 2015

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    Callan Woolcock

Creative Director and Co-Founder of Jumbla

Erupt is our motion response for Pause Fest 2015. The theme is based around 'Pure' so we decided to create this psychedelic mash of 3D motion and cel-animation to excite your eyeballs.

Software used:
Modo for 3D modelling of syringe, heart, lungs, brain.
Photoshop for illustration and animation.
Combination of After Effects and Nuke for compositing and various post effects.
Premiere for Sound Design.

I wanted to try something I hadn’t done before, or had very little knowledge about how to do it. 3D animation isn’t my background, and I’ve never animated in Photoshop before. So I guess... why not try both at once? 

What a journey! Over a month and a half of hard work and dedication - basically animating every night and every weekend for about 6 weeks, and learning various software and new techniques along the way. Also don’t do drugs or your heart will turn into a fish.

Creative Director: Callan Woolcock
Animation: Callan Woolcock, Kane Rowlingson, Frankie Lee
Sound Design: Kane Rowlingson, Callan Woolcock
Concept: Jumbla
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